A recap: October 23 Apple Event

Hi everyone,

Today I’d like to go over the Apple keynote from Tuesday, October 23. On Tuesday, we saw some updates to a few products, and the introduction to a new one all together.


The iPad Mini

This was considered to be the main attraction of the event. This was the reason countless journalists dragged themselves across the country to San Francisco. So let’s jump right into it.

The iPad Mini starts at $329. It’s 7.9 inches in diameter. It’s thinner. It has the A5 chip, the same one inside the iPad 2. There are WiFi and LTE models available. It comes with the new Lightning connector Apple started pushing last month with the iPhone 5. It also has Siri functionality. And even with a bigger price tag, ($130 more than tablets in its class) it’s going to destroy the tablet market all over again.

“Fourth Generation” iPad

Apple also unveiled its “fourth generation” full sized iPad. The only difference being some minor internal updates (new chip), and the Lightning connector. This is four months ahead of Apple’s regular circulation, and it’s going to leave many people upset.

Retina MacBook Pro

Apple unveiled the 13-inch version of its Retina MacBook Pro. Like its predecessor, the 15-inch version, this is geared towards professionals looking for a powerful laptop capable of multitasking more than just word documents and spreadsheets.

With this new laptop Apple has ditched optical drives, saying goodbye to CD’s, driving them further into the past. This alone is a bold move. Apple has also upgraded the storage in this model to flash storage instead of a hard drive. To avoid an unnecessary explanation, it’s faster. A lot faster. Like, three to four times as faster.


I could talk about these all day. They stole the event. They are 80% thinner, offer a new “fusion drive” which combines a classic hard drive with the super-fast-flash storage mentioned above. Apple ditched the optical drives on their desktops, too. Notice a trend? And of course, upgraded internals. Processor, graphics, CPU; better and faster. Biggest thing? 80% thinner. How often do products reduce their size by 80% in a single aesthetic upgrade? This is big.

What did you think about the keynote today? Do you plan to pick any of these products up? Which ones and why?



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I am a student of the public relations program at Algonquin college.
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