Follow Friday Profile: Julia Kent

We’re back!

This Friday, Ashlea and myself would like to introduce a new segment!

Follow Friday Profiles!

We’re not going to promise to do this every week, but when the opportunity arises, be on the look out for an extra post here and there.

We’re going to kick this off with a profile I’ve recently written during a chat with Julia Kent. Hope you enjoy.


Julia Kent was born and raised in Halifax. She moved to Ottawa for the journalism program at Carleton University, which she graduated from in 2010. Shortly after graduating, she jump-started her career at CBC Ottawa television and 580 CFRA as a reporter before taking on a marketing coordinator role for the National Arts Centre.

Today, Julia works as the marketing coordinator for MHPM Project Leaders. The company was founded in 1989, and has been headquartered in Ottawa ever since. MHPM has 300 employees in the country, spread across 24 offices.

Julia is responsible for virtually all marketing activities for the company. This spans from social media management to website maintenance, and the execution of all marketing campaigns. As part of MHPM’s client appreciation and business development efforts, Julia often steps into the event management and planning role as well.

She is also occasionally called upon to represent MHPM at trade shows and conventions. These networking events offer her the opportunity to designate time to meet potential clients, or ‘lead generation’ –another one of her many duties. This coincides with frequent proposals to win business from new and existing clients, which she also contributes to.

Additionally, Julia is in charge of all promotional materials. This covers anything from MHPM-branded jackets to pens. If there is an MHPM logo on it, she’s probably had a hand in it.

The position of marketing coordinator requires Julia to report to the director of marketing and communications at MHPM. She formally works 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, though it often exceeds that during busy times of the year.

If she didn’t seem busy enough, Julia also co-hosts a weekly public relations podcast with Kristine Simpson of Thornley Fallis. The podcast discusses tips for young public relations professionals entering the field.

Julia Kent can be found on Twitter at @kentjulia.


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