“Apple’s restrictive guidelines and the AirParrot solution”

Hello everyone,

Last month Apple unveiled a new version of their operating system. For many people this was simply a 20 dollar software upgrade for their Macs. For others, it was a working wireless solution to stream and mirror from their Macs to their televisions.

All you need is an Apple TV and, boom, you have wireless mirroring. You can sit from your couch and watch as your widescreen TV becomes your new monitor- sans wires. That’s how it will work for some people. But for most of us, it’s just out of reach. As usual, Apple has set some pretty firm restrictions on this feature. No Mac older than a 2011 model is ‘capable’ of utilizing it. You can view the entire list of restricted Macs here.

Enter AirParrot.

I found this 20 dollar application after searching forums to see if I was the only customer irked by Apple’s lack of support for ‘older’ products (I own a 2010 MacBook Pro… please).

AirParrot mimics the AirPlay feature for Macs (and even PCs) that fail to meet the date restrictions Apple set in this year’s update. With the help of AirParrot, I’ve been able to use the AirPlay feature as I had always intended.

Have any of you been held back by some of Apple’s software or hardware updates? Were you able to find a solution?



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I am a student of the public relations program at Algonquin college.
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One Response to “Apple’s restrictive guidelines and the AirParrot solution”

  1. Steph says:

    My Macbook is circa 2008, so I probably won’t bother with the new OS unless I have to. Mountain Lion didn’t do much for me either. Still love my Mac, even if all the new bells & whistles don’t work with it.

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