Hello all!

It’s been a very exciting start to DASH Communications. Ashlea and I are thrilled after our first month here!

This week I’m going to cover an app that has proved absolutely essential for my success and organization as a post-secondary student. That app is Evernote.

Evernote, a note taking application, has applications on mobile and desktop platforms for both the PC and the Mac.


Evernote’s cloud syncing is a seamless experience. This is one of the main reasons the app has worked itself into my workflow. The syncing is done automatically- no exporting to iCloud or a third party app is needed. Evernote’s servers do a fantastic job of syncing your content across all of your devices.

After rigorously using the events syncing, I understand, with clarity, the idea behind cloud computing. This is how the cloud is supposed to work.

Hand recognition

Hand recognition is a big feature too, especially for students. There are many students out there who choose to hand write their notes, for convenience or habit, and are forced to type them out later on down the road. Evernote enables the user to take snapshots of the hand written notes, and converts them to text on the spot. And believe me – it’s accurate. If Evernote is able to decipher my chicken scratch of a scrawl, chances are it will work for the majority of users. This alone is a major time saver feature for the app.

Personal Use

So, how do I use this app?

I primarily use it on my Mac. Evernote allows the user to have multiple ‘notebooks’ in order to separate notes by date or subject. I usually create one notebook per subject, and edit it with dates and pages throughout the year.

For days with only one class, I often bring my iPhone or iPad for a more portable option. Any notes that I take on Evernote with iOS are synced up to my Macbook by the time I get home.

Well, that’s it for me! If I haven’t answered any questions about the functionality of the app, please comment down below and I’d be happy to answer any questions. Stay tuned, we’ve got another great month planned here at DASH Communications.



About davegauthier

I am a student of the public relations program at Algonquin college.
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