Guest Blogger Kristine Simpson

We are very happy to welcome our very first guest post featured on DASH Communications! This week, we caught up with Kristine Simpson. This is what we asked:

Once you graduated and successfully landed yourself a job in your field, how long did it take you to begin your own personal branding? You have your own blog and podcast, and have branded yourself effectively. Why did you do this, and how? 

First, let’s start off by defining the word: brand.

The word brand comes from a branding iron. A piece of iron used to burn an identifiable mark on livestock.

Today the term is used to explain the identifiable image of a company or person. For example, when you look at this image, who do you think of?




What about this one?




Apple and Nike have built such a recognizable brand that they can just show you their logo and you will be able to identify them.

Personal brands are a little different.

When you see these people what do you think of?

–       Intelligence

–       Brilliance

–       Science


–       World peace

–       Anti-violence

–       Civil rights


–       Golfer

–       Douchebag?

–      Cheater


Each of these individuals worked their entire lives towards one goal, perhaps except for Tiger Woods.

So when we say building a brand, we simply mean “defining who you are and what you represent”. There are no “quick tips” or step by step models for building a personal brand. You basically need to sit down and answer the following questions:

  • When people think of me, what do I want them to see?
  • What are the values I want people to see through my work, articles, tweets, posts?
  • When people talk about be to others? What kind of things do I want them to say?

Once you have answered these questions, promoting your brand is as simple as just being you. However, some of us want to get our names out there in the world. We want people to recognize our name. Well, let’s put it this way. Ghandi’s name didn’t become famous because he sat on a couch all day.

As young professionals, it is important to go out there, build a network, meet new people and share with them who you are and what you represent. This could be through social media, networking, writing a blog, volunteering, start a podcast, etc.

Remember, the most important part to building a brand is just being yourself!


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I am a student of the public relations program at Algonquin college.
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