Embracing a Busy Lifestyle

Last week, Dave talked about Dropbox as an integral part of work collaboration. He hit the nail on the head when he said it’s easy and convenient for the user. Dropbox is great for anyone! PR people really love it because, always being on the go, dropping a document into a shared file for editing can speed up the process, and make a hectic life a bit easier.

So picture this…

You’re responding to your bosses email, speaking to a co-worker about the report that’s due in an hour, and your cell phone has been ringing off the hook all morning- but you still manage to keep your game face on- hey, that’s PR… right? And you love being busy!

Public relations is a fast paced, upbeat, and ever evolving industry. A PR professional has to know everything there is to know about their client(s)- and with that responsibility comes a great deal of work. TV news, radio news, and the Internet are a few mediums with which a PR person must become good friends.

Late last night your client took a nose- dive into the pavement after leaving a swanky restaurant with a young woman. How did you hear about it? Through old faithful- the television. Now it’s your turn to to make sure this nose-dive doesn’t turn out to be a crash and burn for your client’s business. Find out everything there is to know about the ‘accidental trip’ outside the restaurant, and clean up the situation- or else.

Balancing multiple clients, responding to questions from the media, appeasing your boss and co-workers (at any time of the day- you don’t just have a nine to five kind of job in PR), and juggling your own personal life is trying. PR is a fast paced industry, but with it comes endless surprises and fun challenges abound… just be prepared!

What other things come to your mind when thinking about the busy lifestyle of public relations? Are you a multi-tasker? Do you thrive on a busy life, and get bored when you have too much downtime? 

Until next time!



About davegauthier

I am a student of the public relations program at Algonquin college.
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